Sunday, November 21, 2010

Booger Sucker aka Aspirator

While my child has passed out on the floor after a needed bath, I thought I would do a little product review.  For the last few days Christian has had a first I thought it was just symptoms of teething, but after much thought I've concluded it is a cold...I think.  Hey! I'm not a doctor and apparently I have not aquired that "mothers intuition," which by the way I'm starting to think is a myth.   He's not running a fever, but if he is not better in the morning I'm going to schedule him a doctors appointment, so they can tell me to do what I've already been doing.

I digress...he is a snot factory right now, so we've been using the booger sucker that came with our little baby basics kit. 

Nameless generic SAD Aspirator
The better choice is the American Red Cross Infant Nose Aspirator ---->

They are about the same price ($2.99), but it works so much better.  The tip is clear so you can actually see if snot is coming out and shaped to fit an infants nose, so it creates a better suction.  Look, I know this is an odd thing to blog about, but if I like a product I'm going to share and hopefully save someone the hassle of a booger filled day.   


A Big Group of Folks said...

HAHA. You know what I used the most (and still do with the triplets...yes, they haven't quite gotten down the notion of BLOWING their noses...don't judge me. lol), Q tips! I have found they are amazing with the boogers in the kids' noses! My kids hate them with a passion never displayed before in toddlers, but hey! They get the job done. :)

Anonymous said...

From Ashley W:
Haha Love this blog! Dusty makes fun of me b/c I love to suck boogers! Poor Grant has gotten so used to it, I think he likes it now. He walks around the house with his booger sucker saying "boogers". I made a game of it to get him excited about it, "Ready? 1..2..3..BOOGER!" If you end up making an appt, just be ready for them to say it's only teething, or only a cold... They never do anything for it. I used to hate waiting for the appt and all that to just hear there's nothing they can do for him. And Mother's intuition is real, you have it even if you think you dont. You just don't give yourself enough credit.

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