Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010, where did you go?

I can't believe next week is Thanksgiving.  This year has flown by!  The beginning of the year all I wanted was for my pregnancy to be over...I was ready to meet Christian (yet for some reason I call him Buddy more than drives my parents crazy).  As soon as he was born, the days seemed to disappear. Almost the whole 3 months of my maternity leave, he had colic...which for people who have had the "opportunity" to experience this mysterious ailment, it is definately baptism by fire for parenting.  As soon as he was over the colic though, he has been a smiling baby boy. 

Currently, we are battling teething which consists of drool, drool, fussiness, and more drool.  I will change his shirt multiple times throughout the day because he has soaked through his bib and onesie.  Good stuff. At 6 months old, he is sitting up completely on his own playing with toys that are strewed in front of him.  He rolls from one room to another....and a few times we've caught him roll himself halfway under the couch.  He will play in his bouncy for almost an hour if you let him...and we let him because that is the time mommy can get a few things done :)  He's in the 97th percentile for his height and 63 for his weight.  God bless, he's a healthy little boy. I catch myself getting a little sad when he grows out of something...but don't worry, I don't try to force his body into outgrown outfits :)
I ran into a former team member of mine on the elevator the other day and she asked how Christian was doing.  After I told her, she said to me "I never took you for the motherhood type." I never took myself for a mother either, but I think I wear it better than I thought I would. 

Matt has been an amazing husband through it all.  I catch myself complaining about him at times, but when I step back and look at the grand scheme of things, I couldn't ask for a better partner for the challenges of parenthood.  We are able to step in when the other one is having a "baby - parent breakdown" know
those times where there is nothing you can do to console your child, so you turn to your spouse and say, "Here is Your son, I need a moment."

I'm excited about the holidays, but I am every year.  I don't know where I got the holiday spirit because my dad would fight with me every year about getting the tree down from the attic :) and my mom swears every year that will be the last year she makes her famous Christmas eggrolls...they are "christmas" eggrolls because she only makes them at Christmas time.  I hope she makes them this year (fingers crossed).

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Valerie said...

Yay for Cristal and a blog!!! You know I'll be reading! Love the pics. And the post -- especially just being real about being a mom. Although I have to disagree with your former team member -- I always thought you would make a great mom. And look at you now. :)

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